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WordPress Theme Customization Service

Integrate custom design & features in Your WordPress site

Backup & Dev Server

We never want to hurt your business growth so we create & work on a development server. Before doing any customization we ensure that your site is securely backed up.

Child Theme

We never do any customization directly to the parent theme you're using because you will lose all our customization works whenever the parent theme gets updated.

Responsive Customization

When we customize your site structure, we ensure that it's fully responsive to each and every devices, screen size, and of course it will be cross-browser compatible.

Actions & Filters hooks

As all our custom codes reside in a child theme, we use existing actions & filters available in WordPress and your parent theme to make your expected customization.

ecommerce theme customization

We dive in deep of your e-commerce theme and make the customization you need in a child theme to boost your business and help you stand out.

Competitive Pricing

Rest assured that we are charging the less of the less possible. We ensure that none of the service providers can offer a lower rate than us that doesn't mean a bad service.



We don't say BYE when your website is up & running. Instead, we give you a way to get in touch with us whenever you need an update or answers to a question. We promise to get back to you in 2 hours!



Before signing a contract, we will note you the estimated time we will require to deliver your complete and flawless project. We will strive our best to never miss the deadline.


You are safe!

We keep your information safe within our system so only the assigned designer & developer can access them. We never outsource any work so no way to expose your info.


In order to proceed, we require a few things to complete your expected customizations seamlessly.

List of Customizations

In order to proceed, we first need a list of all your requirements in a file that illustrates all your expected customizations clearly.

Share Access

In order to start working, we will need access to your cPanel, wp-admin username & password. Don't worry! All your information is safely stored in our system.

Premium Assets

If your customization requires any premium assets like fonts, images, icons, scripts, plugins etc you will need to provide us.

Tools We Use

We strive our best to stay on top of latest tools & technology so we can serve the world standard and best quality works to our happy clients.
Here is a list of the tools we use to customize your WordPress site.

Sublime Text

A sophisticated text editor - we use along with some add-ons to expedite our works and deliver projects faster. Sublime text is very light-weight and fast code editor with a lot of packages available at Package Control. Multiple themes, code highlights, and some unique features make it best for us.


Git is one of the compulsory tools that we use to keep track of codes, share & collaborate our works. We use both Github and Bitbucket version control system for our development. We keep all our repositories private so only allowed person can access our works.

wp pusher

We intend to work smarter than harder so we use git for version control system. But deploying codes from Github or Bitbucket to your server can be a pain when we need to SSH every time to pull the codes or your server support no Git and no SSH. In this situation, we need WP Pusher - a small deployment plugin - let us deploy your themes and plugins directly from GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab on a single click.


We usually use WP Migrate DB to migrate our changes between server, but sometimes it may happen that WP Migrate DB not working for any server issue. In that case, we use Duplicator plugin to migrate and backup our whole WordPress system.

Migrate DB

Keeping local and remote server sync can be a daunting and time-consuming while we are developing a website and you are going to migrate it manually every time you have some updates. WP Migrate DB makes this as easy as single click. We use it to save our valuable time.


As an important tool for testing your website responsive on all devices and browsers, we use Browserstack - a live, web-based browser testing tool. Though we test websites resizing browsers or using built-in device toolbar, Browserstack gives us a way of testing responsive on real devices.


It is almost impossible to succeed a project without having a solid communication base. Scattering through emails, chats, phone, word docs to collect the project data can easily mess up the assets, end up with a hard to manage and an incomplete project. To solve all these problems, we use Basecamp.


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